April 17, 2012

Twitter Tuesday

As mentioned before, Rachelskirts has a lot of Twitter accounts. Therefore, Tuesday is now Twitter Tuesday and we will highlight a different account each week.


"Lover of pirates, oompa loompas, leprechauns, hobbits, and this interweb thing."

Fun fact: This is where it all began!

Location: Chicago, IL

Tweets: 7,888

Followers: 1,098

Favorites received: 2,668

Most favorites for a tweet: 31

"I’m sorry, but I just can’t date someone who uses Internet Explorer."

March 1, 2012   1 note

Tiger Thursday

Monk and Tiger sharing their meal. by Wojtek Kalka (wojtekkalka) on 500px.com
Monk and Tiger sharing their meal. by Wojtek Kalka

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February 13, 2012   3 notes

One Day Left

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! If you have not done so already, be sure to let Rachelskirts know how you feel!

You can use email/snail mail, Twitter, or — of course — Tumblr.

January 19, 2012   2 notes
Tiger Thursday, “I Hope Tigger is OK” Edition

Tiger Thursday, “I Hope Tigger is OK” Edition

January 11, 2012

Vote Rachelskirts!

Vote Rachelskirts for Queen! There will be breakfast in bed! Spread the word!

January 10, 2012

New “About” Page

Rachelskirts updated her “About" page — now with more ampersands!

January 8, 2012

Submissions Welcome

Click the submit button and express your fandom!

January 5, 2012
Tiger Thursday.

Tiger Thursday.

January 5, 2012   2 notes

The Second Rule

The second rule of The Officially Unofficial Rachelskirts Fan Club is: post pictures of tigers for Tiger Thursday.

January 5, 2012

Idea: Twitter Bingo

Rachelskirts has approximately (read: at least) 40 Twitter accounts and your standard bingo card has 25 squares. Generate bingo cards using Twitter accounts instead of numbers. Whenever she tweets from one of the accounts, mark it off. Get 5 in a row and you win! Bragging rights, that is.